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CricketPRO Member Program

CricketPRO Member Program

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that what you will discover, encourage you as a player to take the next step and enhance your cricket profile; At the same time ensures that every day of your cricket career is more significant to you. Welcome to CricketPRO!!


We proud to be the first and only Cricket Network and Rewards Program that give players the exposure needed to be recognized at a National Level. Our network consists of Players, Coaches, Agents and Selectors from all over South Africa. Heading the online marketing field is social media and networking expert Steven Heuvel, a cricket specialist with over 15 years of industry knowledge. Steven is recogonized in the game for his unique sales and marketing skills, that saw him become the first person in 2008 to bring Cricket Retail to social media. At the time, Facebook the only social network was not a trusted avenue for any business. There were no sports teams, fan pages and presence of companies any where on social media. In taking this leap of uncharted territory linking business and social media Steven took a local cricket brand to become the leading name in South Africa, trumping all major cricket brands in the country. On the field of play Steven was a former Western Province and SA Schools cricket player; youngest player at 15 to play in the WPCA 1A Premier League and Won the Double (League and 1-Day Cup) in 2010, with back to back titles in Premier 50-Overs Division. Leaving the game of cricket in his prime for work commitments, Steven used his networking and marketing skills along with his knowledge of the South African culture to take him to the Mr. South Africa Top 12 Final Show at Gold Reef City in 2013 and in 2015 he found and created CricketPRO the first social networking program for cricketers in the world.


CricketPRO is a digital city only for cricketers, it has it’s own community, communications tools and online store linked to a social network platform. Players are able to build profiles and also engage with one another on the network. What makes this social network unique is that it’s only about the game of cricket no other distractions and a safe place for young players. The open world of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram expose players to viewing a broader world which is not always neccessary and safe. If players are interested in even pursuing the game of cricket as a career, it should be in a focused enviroment online since most human beings find them selves on a mobile phone in this generation.


Our program cannot promise provincial or national call ups for any player as this is in the hands of selectors. What we can do is put your name amongst the best players in your league, school or age category. **Regardless of what school you attend, the colour of your skin or the politics around the game**

When Steven created the program it was about growing the game equally for all communities and cultures. “A system that does not see skin colour and only rewards based on ability.” Although politics dictate a huge part of selections in our sport it is also the system of “Who you Know”that needs to leave our sport. A players selection to any representive team should be pure merit and not based on off-field relations. South African cricket can reach the top again but it needs a system that creates equal opportunity for all.


Exposure is vital: Imagine scoring a Fifty, Century or taking a five-wicket haul and have Thousands of people know what you’ve done, including Coaches and Selectors around the country. We live in modern times where the internet and social media dictates how people think and view individuals. “You are a brand and a business of your own and the bigger your name the more in demand you will be.” Soon you’ll be able to apply for bursaries or even have some of the bigger boy schools and varsities wanting your talents. Who knows a Franchise or National call up… Give yourself a fair opportunity!!

Our Mission: CricketPRO is here to lift the standard of South African cricket to where it once was, at the same time ensuring all players have the proper standard of equipment available to them for that specific level.

With the new political laws increasing the pressure on selections in South Africa, we are here to ensure that merit remains in the game and stats produce quality selections. Our primary aim is to expose the best talent that go unnoticed in South African cricket; along with some amazing benefits through our Member Program. Make your next innings more significant by contacting us now… CricketPRO is here to put your destiny and dreams back in your hands!

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