Let a Cricket Expert Select your Next Bat

//Let a Cricket Expert Select your Next Bat

Let a Cricket Expert Select your Next Bat

With over 10 years of Experience in the Cricket Bat industry Steven Heuvel gives us a few tips on how to go about selecting & purchasing a Cricket Bat.
Generally when it comes to selecting a Cricket bat it’s about the quality of the wood/willow not the Brand or Sticker on the bat, says Heuvel. Most Cricket companies can offer Top of the range bats regardless of the “Brands Name” but how consistent are they? Do they have the correct people selecting your personal bat and giving you the right advice? We not talking about a Salesman or a Cricket Coach trying to sell you a bat but a real expert in Cricket bat Willow.


Buying online is risky and this is where most purchases are made. There are so many online stores selling Cricket bats all looking to make a quick buck and score you a great deal but are they selling you the best quality for the money you pay?

Working for many years in the Cricket Industry Heuvel says, “it’s hardest for clients when they are not personally there selecting the willow.” Steven also added that the knowledge of bats does not come overnight but rather being in the environment daily and feeling bats like it’s your day job. “It’s so important having a Specialist select your Cricket bats especially when spending a substantial amount of money”.


Not many buyers out there understand the importance of having an expert selecting a Cricket bat but it does bring great comfort and peace of mind to the buyer. “At the end of the day we are dealing with Raw Materials and anything can happen during a bats lifespan”, says Heuvel. In most cases we all would like a bat to last for more than 5 years but that has become more unlikely with the way Cricket has evolved. (Full Interview to Come…)

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