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Terms and Conditions

Promo and Shout-Outs with CricketPRO

All photos, stats and achievements must be mailed to SA Cricket Promotions before 4pm to be mentioned on that day. After this time (4pm) will be posted the next day.
Facebook Advertising – Reserved only for milestones like Half centuries (50 runs), Centuries (100 runs) and 3+ wicket walls and end of season awards.Instagram & Twitter will be used for milestones, shout-outs, best action shots, awards and birthday wishes.Youtube – This will be short video clips highlighting performances of our Platinum Members during the cause of the season.Please make sure to have honest and accurate information before you submit Images.


There are no refunds on joining or monthly fees.., once you sign up you’ll receive all your benefits immediately and as a business we need to protect ourselves from hit and runs (People using CricketPRO as a once off). Your sign-up fee shows us your commitment to the program and your passion for cricket.
This is a Month to Month contract and you can cancel at any given time.Please be advised if you do consider re-joining the sign-up fee will have to be paid again.

Upgrade and downgrades

You are able to upgrade at any time with an added fee of R250 including the difference (R800) to become a Platinum member.
Downgrade at no cost but lose your Platinum benefits. (Upgrade back to Platinum R400)
Platinum Members may look at this option in the 4-month Winter period.To qualify for our Diamond Club you will need to upgrade to our Platinum Membership if you are a current Gold Member.

Please note that 12 months Platinum Membership needs to be completed to qualify for Full Sponsorship (Diamond Club)

monthly Fees

Please make sure Monthly fees are paid before the end of every month. Failure to do so will result in a double payment the next month.You will receive and invoice after the 25th of Every month.f no Monthly fees are paid after 60 days we will have no other option but to suspend or even cancel your account as a member till outstanding payments are made.
Monthly fees will be paid throughout the year even when cricket in not being played in South Africa.
Pricing of Monthly fees were based on the 4-Month winter-break, so members can still receive all their benefits through the Winter period.You can pay monthly fees upfront or in advance but this has to be arranged with SA Cricket Promotions. (6 or 12 Month Advance options)

Pricelist and Sponsorship

Prices are subject to change on the 1st July every year based on the current exchange rate.
Your Pricelist and Sponsorship with SA Cricket Promotions is your personal property and should not be shared with anyone. (Confidential)
All orders and Sales must be done with SA Cricket Promotions and not the Brands and companies that you’ll be using. Mail all your orders to sales@sacricketpro.com or info@sacricketpro.com
Please do not walk into any stores with your pricelist and expect your pricing from the salesman. You will have to order/consult with SA Cricket Promotions upon any sales.
Do not mail or share your pricelist and contract details to anyone as this is your personal and private agreement with SA Cricket Promotions.You can say you are sponsored by SA Cricket Promotions but have to recommend potential clients to mail us direct for Information so we can explain the concept.

Courier Deliveries

As a Gold member you’ll receive FREE courier delivery fees with orders to the value of R3000 or more to all Major Cities listed below.
As a Platinum Member all your orders with a weight of 5KG or less will be sent to your door at our cost.
Free deliveries will only be done to Major Cities listed here:- Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, East London and Port Elizabeth.
All Outlying areas will be charged based on the outlying fee and not the full courier cost.
Free deliveries does not include Overnight or Express Services.
No deliveries will be done over weekends!Please make sure that someone is on hand to collect your goods when delivery is due.
You will receive a Tracking Number once your order leaves our premises and can be tracked with our carrier.

Conduct as a CricketPRO Members

As a Member you need to conduct yourself in a Professional manner because you will be representing us as a Member on the field and social media.
Please do not try and negotiate any pricing with our staff as this will count against you receiving a Full Sponsorship from CricketPRO.
Please reframe from tagging SA Cricket Promotion in non-cricket related posts. As these photos will be viewed by thousands of our followers.
Please do not advertise and mention what you receiving from SA Cricket Promotions over social media just refer people to get in touch with us: info@sacricketpro.com

Termination Of Conduct/Membership

If you as a Member decide to cancel or resign we will honour your decision.
SA Cricket Promotions also has the power to terminate your contract at any time but with good reasoning and evidence of improper conduct.
Please note that SA Cricket Promotions are not entitled to refund any Fees and this will be forfeited by you as a member upon cancellation.

*Please feel free to Mail all your questions to info@sacricketpro.com